Wireless Access Controller

>Support up to 2048 access points and 65535 clients

>Support CAPWAP protocol

>Multi-level deivice management

>Support deployment in L2 or L3 network

>Auto-detect or detect by static IP

>Real-time monitoring of access points and clients

Technical Specification
Model DH-PFM888-AC
Hardware · CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core Processer 2.4GHz

· Memory: DDR3 4GB

· Memory of CF card: 2GB

· Internfaces: 10/100/1000M Base-TX *6 USB *2 Console *1

· Dimension: 420 ×340 ×44.5(mm )(1U )

· Power: AC 220V 60W

· Working Temperature: -10°C~55°C

Performance · Support up to 2048 access points

· Support up to 65535 clients

· Support up to 1024 templates

Access Control · Portal, Radius

· It’s allowed only one user to log into the web management interface at the same time. If a new user logs into the web management interface,then the logged-in user will be logged out.

Statistics · Platform: Device name, Firmware Version, IP address, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Run Time, System Time

· Device (Access Points): Total Units, Online Units, Offline Units

· Terminal: Total Units, Online Units, Offline Units

· Alarm

Device/Terminal Management · Device:

Status: Online, Offline, Unmanaged, Upgrading, Configurating, Failed to upgrade, Failed to configure, etc

Device Name, Model, IP Address, MAC address, Firmware Version, Run Time, Template,Location, etc

Wireless: Channel, Channel Width, Output Power, Maximum Transmission Rate, SSID, Encryption Method, TDMA

Device/Terminal Management · Terminal


Display online CPE, including following information:

Status, Device Name, Model, IP Address, MAC Address, Location, Signal Strength, Transmission Rate, Firmware Version, Run Time


Display online clinets which connects to AP, including:

Clients Type(IOS, Android, PC), IP Address, MAC Address, Location, Signal Strength, Run Time

· Support delete the offline device list

· Support sort by Online, Offline, IP, MAC, Group Name, Firmware Version, Run Time

· Clients Retrieve

Template Management · Display current templates which have been saved

· Template classification by device type

· New or edit template, including following:
Region, Channel, Channel Width, Output Power Setting, Multi-VAP, SSID, Hidden SSID Broadcast, Client Isolation, TDMA, Max User Limitation, Authentication/Encryption Method, Auto-match

Image Management · Display Image Name, Version, File Size, Update Time

· Support upload and storage image to device

· Support Auto-upgrade

· Support Batch-upgrade

Configuration · Support save configuration to local PC

· Support import configuration

Log Management Log Classification, log export, log upload, log search
Network and Security · Management Protocol: CAPWAP

· Discovery Method: DHCP (Option43), Static IP, Broadcast


· DoS Protection

Upgrade · Support upgrade via web

· Service Interruption time via upgrade ≤ 7 minutes

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