Smart Fire-Fighting Robot

> Long-distance fire extinguishing
> 3000m using the remote control. Protection of fire officers and soldiers personal safety
> Heat tracking and detection
> Information collection and storage
> Automatic obstacle avoidance
> Field co-combat functions
> On-site rescue
> Automatic cooling function
> Remote-cloud technology application for relize remote diagnosis and fault analysis
Basic Parameters
Application fields Fire fighting and fire detection in various fields
Outline size Length 1820 * width 1030 * height 1200mm
Equipment weight 500kg
Walking mechanism Christie independent suspension vehicle
Traction capacity 3500N
Walking speed 1.6m/s
Height of obstacle crossing 250mm
Climbing ability 50%
Endurance time 5h
Working time 24h
Control mode Pirouette
Communication distance 3km for sight distance, 500m for non-line of sight
Water of gun pressure 0.6MPa~1.6Mpa
Spraying method Strong columnar jet or large area flowerng water mist
Maximum flow 80L/s, adjustable
Range 85m
Rotation angle horizontal in -90°~90°, vertical -15°~85°
Panoramic camera Real-time high definition surveillance of 360°, panoramic 3D image
Thermal camera High performance thermal imaging camera, accurate location of fire source
Automatic fire extinguishing Automatic search of fire source, fire point tracking
Lift pan Automatic lifting platform, improve vertical range of thermal imaging monitoring
Intelligent remote control Light weigth handheld remote control, easy to operate
Remote control display High definition, large size LCD screen, high definition, anti-glare
Automatic cooling When the body temperature is higher than 60℃, automatically open the spray system for cooling
Automatic obstacle avoidance Real-time display obstacle distance, intelligent obstacle avoidance
Gas detection Six-in-one gas detection device to detect O2, H2S, SO2,NH3, CO, CL2

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