Lift Controller

> Connection up to 1 Wiegand reader and 2 RS485 readers
> Support 8 cascading, up to 128 floors permission control
> Alarm In/Out: 6/2
> Alarm records and log records: 30,000
> Maximum support 60 call lift modules
> All floors’ permission will be released if fire alarm triggered
> Remote control via web client
Technical Specification
Model VTM416
Main Processor ARM Cortex M4@180MHz
Communication Type TCP/IP; RS485, and Wiegand
Power Indicator 1
Communication Indicator 1
Relay Indicator 16
Alarm In 6 ( Alarm_in_1 for fire alarm)
Alarm Out 2
RS485 4

RS485 1: card reader or call lift module

RS485 2: card reader or call lift module

RS485 3: cascade with slave lift controller

RS485 4: call lift module

Wiegand 1
Relay Out 16
Installation Fixed onto the wall; U-shaped guide rail
Power DC 12V/2A
Working Temperature ﹣20°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
Dimensions 210mm×116mm×29mm
Weight 1.0Kg

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