Radar Detector

Parameter/Model ITARD-024SA
Antenna Type Flat micro beam array antenna
Radar Mechanism Single-frame continuous beam
Microwave Working Frequency 24.125GHz
Send Power 9.5dBm=8.9mW
Antenna 3dB Beam Width 4.6°(H) ×6.8°(V)
AD Sampling Rate 25KHz
Working Mode Approaching, away
Lane Amount Single-lane
Detect Info Speed(Instant)
Capture Rate ≥95%
Speed Measuring Accuracy ±1Km/h
Speed Detect Range 10-250Km/h
Communication Interface StandardRS-232
Cable Definition Red:DC12V+ or AC24V1,Black:DC12V- or AC24V2,White:Trigger Out,Yellow:RS232 RXD,Green:RS232 TXD,Orange:RS232 GND
Power Input DC 12V/AC 24V
Over voltage, over current, miss connection protection
Can supplying the power to the device safely and stably.
Power Consumption < 5W
Interface Protection There are over voltage and over current protection for all the corresponding interfaces.
Working Environments Working temperature: -30℃~+70℃
Working humidity:10%~90%
Dimensions(MM) Radar:205mm*155mm*65mm
Unit Weight 1kg(Excluding bracket)