Dual Beam Detector

> Digital circuit design, more stable
> Detecting distance 60m
> Sensitivity level adjustable, level 1~5
> Anti-tamper function
> Installation base optional
> Adjust beams easily
> Alarm type N.C/N.O. optional
> Intelligent adjustment to the environment temperature
> IP 55
Technical Specification
Distance 60m
Beams 2
Detection System 2 beams cut simultaneously
Relay Output N.C./N.O. optional
Tamper Switch N.C.
Ingress Protection IP55(outdoor)
Axis Rotation Angle Horizontally 180(±90°), Vertically 20(±10°)
Dimension 195mmx80mmx78.6mm
Working Voltage DC12-24V
Operation Current 55mA
Working Temperature -25°C~+70°C
Material ABS plastic