White Strobe Lamp

> Support strobe flash
> Adopt ATMEL AVR high capability MCU
> Adopt advanced steady flowing technique, accuracy and steady current control
> Adopt Cree high capability white LED, energy saving and environmental protection
> Support Illuming automatically according to environment brightness, Configure the threshold
> Support Video Synchronization
> Support snapshot Synchronization
> Support adjusting Frequency of strobe flash
> Support adjusting brightness
> Support RS485
> Support cascading of multi device
> Support flash of exploding
> Support configing parameter by serial port
> Support upgrade by serial port
> Low Response time
Technical Data
Main Processor ATMEL AVR MCU
LED Lamp Beads 16 crees, White light LED lamp
User Interface RS485
Parameter Setting Web/Client
Cascading Support 4 devices cascading
Video/Strobeflash Synchronization Support
Snapshot/Strobeflash Synchronization Support
Remote Control Support
Pattern of Strobeflash Active/Passive Mode
Brightness of Strobeflash Adjustable
Frequency of Strobeflash 50/60/75/90/100/120Hz
Brightness of Environment Support adjustment 1~6
Recycle Time ≤20us
Best Lighting Distance 18~25 meters
Power AC90~285V, Strobe flash Max. 40W
Color Temperature 6500K
Working Temperature -30℃~+70℃(-40~+158)
Working Humidity 10%~95%
CE SECE1608064
FCC SEFV1608064

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